About us

420 carts for sale is an online store founded  in the year 2015 in Denver , Colorado , USA . We have distribution centers in the USA  but also ship worldwide . We have over half a decade years of experience in selling  high quality  THC Vape juice , THC Vape oil , THC vape pens , and Pre-filled vape cartridges . We are committed to provide our customers with 420 carts that are safe , legit and have high quality of THC. 

420 carts  have tremendous benefits for medical marijuana patients. It is recommended for treating severe mental disorders , anxiety and depression , and also severe pains.

420 carts make use of a vaporizer device ( Generally a THC vape pen)  and THC vape juice or vape oil to vaporize the e liquid present in the vape pen. This is then consumed by the user . This method of consuming marijuana is far more healthy if the e-liquid is of standard quality than the traditional method of smoking buds which leads to more damaged lungs. 

We have a team of experts that inspect our vape oil and make sure it is of standard quality and safe for consumption. This quality vape oil is the sold either  separately or together with a vape pen  or as a pre-filled cartridge.

Please contact us if you have any questions as regards our operations and procedures , We are always eager to share our goal of making 420 carts the default method of marijuana consumption and providing better medication for medical marijuana patients in need.

Our services

420 carts for sale is here to provide customers with the best THC vape juice and vape pen . We do not over-hype our products as it is very common with other stores . We sell our own distilled pure thc vape vape oil as well as thc vape juice from verified suppliers. 

Privacy and security

All our customers data is encrypted and totally erased he/she transaction ends . No customer data is shared with third parties .

100% money back guarantee

You get a 100% refund if your order is within 30 days and you are not satisfied with our 420 carts or any of our related service , be it logistic or commercial.

How to we ship our carts?

We ship our vape carts discreetly by 420 mail order usa and worldwide.